Having Faith, Finding Hope…

For months I have seen so many lacking faith, in God, in themselves and in life in general. Many losing a loved one, someone they cared for and loved no matter how hard things got in their lives and I am not exempt myself… Its about having faith, when all else seems lost and about finding hope as we live our lives in what seems to be a strange and new world. It seems like everything is changing at a fast pace, one that some of us never thought we would see in our lifetimes. Evil seems ever advancing and Good seems to be fading, as so many of you are losing hope in those things you faith in, in the past. There is hope…

For me it is and always has been in God, in his provision and protection as I walk through this life. Because I know that without a doubt, to life without him would have been a place I would not have wanted to be. It was hard enough as the trials of life came and went, at times washing over me and leaving me with a feeling like I would be overcome by each thing that happened. Reminding myself that as each thing happened that God was there, that he heard my prayers and cared about what I was going through. Yet in each thing that challenged my faith, I was again and again relying on Him and His Word to get me through things. I heard a sermon last sunday from Psalms 103 about speaking to our souls, telling them to bless the Lord. At times, I felt as you probably have ” How can I bless the Lord when my heart is so feeling the emotion of something tragic in my life happening” We don’t have the joy or the passion to just sing out and praise God, because we are deeply hurt and we feel their is no hope in the future. When everything looks and feels so gloom and doom in our lives. But in reality, this is the time that we really need to take hold of our faith and reach out to God, Cry out to Him and Bless His Holy Name and Praise Him for everything he has brought us through.

If your not born again or a christian, you might not know or have faith and I hope for those of you who are not and your reading this, that you consider Him. Consider just who it is that has brought you this far in life… There is something stronger then yourself that has brought you to where you are now… It is no mistake that your here reading my post today… Yes as crazy as it seems even to me, God has brought you here to this place, in this time, to find Hope!

This morning as I considered what I would do today, writing wasn’t one of those things. For months I have just felt led to slow down, live life one day at a time and not do more then just what I could do in a day. Yes that is how much I felt like I needed to just take time to find a way to live life, seeking the Lord’s help in so many areas where I was grieving and felt a deep and utter lose in my life. Time and time again I would say, this is not my life, this is not where I am suppose to be and surely the things happening around me, to me… well I didn’t ask for any of it… In 4 years time, the lose of my best friend in death, the death of my Dad, what seems to be the lose of my marriage (that’s a whole nother post) Losing our home of 13 years (The place I raised my children, brought my youngest home from the hospital to, the place that held so many memories for me, where life was lived with grandkids and where the most beautiful sunsets were seen, where we were close to the beach and could go anytime, but mostly where I grew in my faith with the Lord, probably more then ever in my life) and Two more children leaving the nest, as it was time they learned to fly… Putting my business I was building on the back burner as I adapted yet again to changes happening in our lives… Our lives, because for the first time it is just myself and my youngest son living this life together. Thankfully Daniel and I have always been close, he is growing up fast and will become a teenager in two short months! Challenges and more challenges in life…

Trials come and go… and yet somehow on a daily basis we each find a way to get through them. We have those certain people we talk to , confide in and also those that seem to guide us through life… God puts each person in our path for a reason and nothing is left to chance… It was destiny or we were destined to meet each one, to learn from, to love even if later they are not there anymore to guide us along our way… No one is there forever. But God… at least for me. He has been in my life for so long now 50 years to my memory.

I was born into a christian home, dysfunctional as it seemed to be, my parents believed in God. They were not perfect, but none of us are… We are all on a journey of growing and learning… I have never expected my parents to be perfect and though at times I held them to a standard that perhaps they didn’t know about and maybe they couldn’t meet up to… but they were there for me, My mom I often saw reading her bible when I was younger and my Dad though he had likes and hobbies he was always there to talk to, He on occasion taught at church and my mom taught sunday school when I was growing up. They had a small group of friends and when I look back, I know how blessed I was to grow up in the time I did… it wasn’t as crazy as today! But at the age of 6, I realized I was not perfect and that I needed the Jesus I learned of weekly to forgive me and guide me through this life. I had even at that age done wrong, disobeyed my parents and broken the commandments of God. Yes the 10 commandments you use to hear about, that no longer seem to be the guild others follow and the ones everyone want to cast aside as they muddle through this life wandering aimlessly. I don’t look back on my life like so many thinking that my parents raised me wrong, or that they were controlling, because really they were not… They were trying to guide me to becoming a better person. A person who lived rightly, someone who cared about the lives of others and who had enough faith to see me through this life. I don’t like kids of today think my mind was manipulated and controlled or that my parents were narcissistic, if you think us parents are to be live and let live with ou kids, I want you to know that letting you make your own choices constantly will bring you nothing but heartache and pain at times. If you think making your own mistakes is what you want, it might lead to your own lose in life or lose of life or at least one that is far harder than it has to be. I realize that somehow at the magic age of teenagehood, you all just somehow got far smarter then your aging parents and knew all there was to know about life and living it. But… I grew up in a time where we loved, honored and obeyed those in authority in our home. Not out of fear, but out of love for them. I am sure there were times they feel from grace (God’s grace) but we all do… It is not about being perfect. There are none perfect, except Jesus Christ himself. That same Jesus that my parents loved and had joy in reading about, praying to and depending on… Because when times were hard for them, us… that is who they turned to. It worked for them and for 50 years it has worked for me, no matter what the issues of life have been. I don’t know everything, nor do I claim to, but I do have 56 years of experience in this life, that tells me God is real to me, He knows what he is doing and that I can depend on Him and I believe so can you….

I know that we are facing what seems to be hard times… Illness has taken many from us and we are all wondering what the future holds… Some of us have lost our homes, our loved ones and have little to no food and the future seems uncertain, but today I want to encourage you to hold on and to have faith , find hope in the only one that really cares for you…

Right now I know who holds the future and as we wait out this election and the results, we need to put or faith and hope in someone that is sure and truly has our best interests at heart and that is God himself… Because he is faithful and dependable…

If you don’t know God I encourage you to seek Him, ask him to show himself to you in a real and personal way. Grab a KJV Bible and read John 3: 16 and read the new testament to get to know who Jesus is and what God can do for you and as always, if you need prayer leave me a comment or you can email me at faithfulacresbodysoulspirit@gmail.com


Linda Marie

30 Days of Gratitude Adventure !


As I think back on this past year, I have so much to be thankful for and if your following me at faithfulacresbodysoulspirit on instagram or Linda Marie Finn on FB, or @FaithfulAcresBk on twitter  you have been reading my things I am thankful for !  If not you might want to go follow me on one or both ! If you are going to friend request me on FB, I suggest you message me first as I rarely approve anyone who I don’t know that well. Or leave me a note here and then friend me , be patient and I will get to approving you.

On the 20th of this month I have been in business for myself, working from home.  I have been sharing health and wellness with others as I share my story of how I so far lost over 64 lbs !  How I regained my health and am living my life more contentedly !

I truly was in a state of unhealthy living and needed something to change. I was afraid I was so sick I would die and so overweight that I couldn’t do much of anything or myself.  So your saying what changed right ? That’s what I was saying to myself, what do I change first and how do I make things better or me and for my family…

You know I have tried for most all my grown up years to lose weight and get healthy. Each time I would get pregnant I put on more weight and never seemed to loose more then 25 lbs, then I would plateau and never lose anymore.  So went the roller coaster ride and I was miserable and always sick and tired.

I decided if I was to get healthy I needed to change my diet !

I cut out a lot of breads, white sugar and started drinking smoothies for breakfast !  I would use yogurt, bananas, pineapple, strawberries and even used Green Powder Max in them.  I lost 10 lbs !!!!  I still felt awful…..

So then I got an herbal cleanse and used it daily for 3 weeks straight as prescribed by the maker.  I used it faithfully and although I knew I was doing something good for my body I started feeling sicker and weaker and my body was reacting to something I was doing.  I dropped another 5 lbs. Well that was the end of that detox as I just couldn’t deal with feeling like my BP and my sugar levels were going wacky !

I was ready to give up and then one day a lady on FB said Linda have you ever tried these products I am selling ?   Nope never heard of them, never have tried them , but ya everyone says their stuff works and will help me…. I was so skeptical and just said Ya Ya, when I have money to try it maybe I will do that ! The whole time thinking No I won’t , It won’t work !

Well, Diane mailed me a catolog and a sample of a product called Greens to Go ! One orange and one berry !  So the next day I got my bottled water that was chilled and poured in the powder and drank down this drink and in an hour or so, I was feeling pretty good !  I was perky and had more energy all day !

” Thought to myself, Ha, there has to be more to this

, it can’t be this easy to feel good “.

So Day 2, I got my water that morning and Drank the Orange Greens to Go and once again I had energy all day….Well Diane had sent me a sample of Thermofit also and on the bag wrote take two daily… ok I thought, so I was sitting at my desk and thought I will do that and I took two that morning…. !!!!

I couldn’t sit still, I felt like I was bordering on an anxiety attack, but decided well I will get up and go do the dishes , well for several hours I was singing, dancing, cleaning the kitchen !  So much energy that my kids thought I had lost it…

After all  only daddy sings and dances in the kitchen !

Got done and went to my computer and said Diane, you didn’t tell me this would make me feel this good, I cleaned the whole kitchen this morning and was singing and dancing !  She laughed and said, How many Thermofit did you take ?  I said you wrote on the bag to take two daily and I took two this morning ! She laughed and said well I would have started with one in the AM and one at Noon, not two at a time !  But Linda I am so glad your feeling better !

(Truth was I was still skeptical)

But being true to my nature, I jumped in with both feet !  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired ! And I was also sick and tired of being in debt and never having money to do anything in life….

I said well Diane if I am going to use this stuff I am going to sell this stuff !

November 20th, 2015

Bought my Business Building Kit $99 and Ordered my Greens (value size $79) and a bottle of Thermofit ($39) !

My first month I lost 25 lbs , got my first 4 Loyal Customers in a week, earned 2 wrap rewards ( 2 boxes of wraps at $25 a box) and $120 in free products !  I was commissions qualified by ordering my kit and I made $52 in commissions in less then 3 weeks !  Actually in one week as that is when I got my first 4 Loyals ! I was rocking, excited and thrilled as I had never made that much money in that little time with any company I worked in before. By month 3 and 4,  I was making $500 to $700 a month in commissions and bonuses !

(just so you know I had in my lifetime worked in Avon, Aloette, Amway, Shaklee, Cameo and Petra Fashions )  I had done my share of direct sales and MLM !

I learned two  things,  Not all businesses are alike !  and Not all products are alike !

I was faithful to use these products and still am today !  I have lost a total of 64 lbs ! and  I share My Story, Hope and Health with everyone who wants to hear about my testimony !

I love helping others find a healthy way of living for them, that includes clean eating, excersize ( not the kind that kills you) , how to decrease or rid your life of stress and just find happiness !

The nice thing is we have not gone a single month since I started my business without any income, we have always had an income now and that is one thing I am very thankful for !

Praise the Lord !  For without Him I am nothing and this would not be what it is today !

If you would like to talk about you health , life or your in need of an income, please feel free to contact me, I would be happy to listen, share with you and help you find an answer to your life’s issues…

You can contact me through my email faithfulacresbodysoulspirit@gmail.com

Text Me: 315.529.2360

or leave me a comment here or use my contact page on this site !


~ As a man (person) thinketh in his (their) heart, so is he.(she) ~

The Battle is In the Mind !