Having Faith, Finding Hope…

For months I have seen so many lacking faith, in God, in themselves and in life in general. Many losing a loved one, someone they cared for and loved no matter how hard things got in their lives and I am not exempt myself... Its about having faith, when all else seems lost and about … Continue reading Having Faith, Finding Hope…

Crying Out For Souls

Today this virus became more personal for me... As of today my nephew and his wife have this Coronavirus and their baby girl is at home with them in quarantine... With so many sick and dying from this, it really gets to your heart when your own family has it and as I sent out … Continue reading Crying Out For Souls

“We All Make Mistakes”

"We All Make Mistakes" Porch lights. They mark the night with their white-yellow glow. Some beckon. Some warn. Some burn to protect those on the inside from the shadows that lurk on the edges of the darkness. For some, their porch lights shine like the star of hope against a cobalt sky. They bathe the … Continue reading “We All Make Mistakes”

Wow, Your a Repeated Failure ?

How to Attain Excellence Yesterday, I talked about the Definition of Excellence and How it is Measured  by the world, the church and by others and perhaps even by you, but also how God measures it. To Fail Repeatedly, is how we learn and how we succeed !   So in reality while you think … Continue reading Wow, Your a Repeated Failure ?

Becoming A Woman of Excellence ! by Cynthia Heald

Have you ever allowed your circumstances in life to hold you back ? Thinking you could never measure up to those women in the bible... or maybe those around you... As I was studying The Word this morning and reading from a devotional I was sent, It finally dawned on me that " Becoming  A … Continue reading Becoming A Woman of Excellence ! by Cynthia Heald

Sucking the Life Out of You !

Are your relationships sucking the life out of you ?