Magic Stix Washable Marker Review

The Pencil Grip, Inc.


We are pleased to bring you our review of the 24 pack of  Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc.   These markers are no odor, have a vented safety caps and come in a nice variety of bright bold colors. They are also Non-Toxic Markers. They claim they will not dry out for 7 days, We tested this and were very pleased with our findings. These tempera paint sticks when used on a project dry in just 90 seconds. These paint sticks really work for a mess free paint experience. One that you and your children will enjoy !

7 Day Test

I just had to test out this theory that these markers would not dry out for 7 days. We took out one olive/army green colored marker and I laid it on my desk on its side with the cap off. Seriously I believed it would dry out or leak all over my desk !  It did not do either, which is a real great thing.  I can’t tell you how many times the kids have lost a cap to a marker only to have it dry out in 3 days time. Well no more worrying about that, we have a week or more to find the cap before I need worry. I know that you have experienced this with your markers in the past.  I know I am not alone in this. These markers hold up to the claim of not drying out for 7 days, but I think its much longer then this ! You’ll be amazed ! ( I forgot to write something on day one )

Hope’s Project

She is my artistic child, this is something that we share in life !  I was excited for her to try these on one of her pages from her adult coloring book. Coloring for INSPIRATION that she received at Christmas time. It has some of the most awesome pictures in it.

IMG_20180131_145741 (1)

She chose to color some koi fish from this coloring book and they turned out so colorful and she enjoyed this so much with the Magic Stix Washable Markers. She spent several hours working on them and really loved the selection of colors she could chose from. This is her completed project ! She says they are her “Rainbow Fish”.

IMG_20180131_145721 (1)IMG_20180131_144721 (1)

She really enjoyed the marks and the process and it was a relaxing and calming things or her to do. ( She is bipolar & ODD ) So we need times to “chill” and really relax. These Markers have really added a wonderful advantage to art for her. It also has really helped me to get her to take time to focus on something she really enjoys. I am so thankful for this, it means so much to us that she can find things she enjoys and can do on her own. She found the markers easy to hold and to use ( not bulky not like the other markers we have tried ).  They are easy to control where your coloring.

This was a fun and enjoyable experience for us. We will be using the Magic Stix Washable Markers now for all our art projects. The nice carrying case allows us to take them along with us anywhere. In the van, to the beach or to see family.  This will make them easier for taking on vacation this summer. We will be able to create and experience everything we find or see in an exciting way! This is what Life & Homeschooling are all about!

If you are in need of some wonderful Markers, I hope you will give Magic Stix Washable Markers a try !


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Bytes of Learning Review

UltraKey Bytes of Learning

Today I want to share with you about Bytes of Learning, an online source for learning typing.  UltraKey Online Family Subscription  has been proven effective for ages 8+ to Adult, but has been used for children as young as 5 years old.

UltraKey Online Family Edition

UltraKey Online provides clear, voice-supported instruction with animation and video. This family subscription lets a parent or tutor manage the use of the program, while the family members learn to type. Good for home schoolers, and helping children do better at school. Compatible with browsers on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, and iPads. HTML5. No plugins.

UltraKey Online Family Edition

Touch-typing has to be taught, which is why UltraKey Online uses crystal-clear animated instruction to convey every important technique.UltraKey Online offers exciting new features including directed language arts activities. Once the basics are in place, the exciting new Game Zone provides typing fun, developing reading and writing skills, and improving typing fluency.


My Review

 I started this review period with high expectations for myself and my children. I thought we would really excel at typing using this program.  Being a graduate of 3 years of typing in high school, I really thought we would enjoy this. Well, I wanted the children to enjoy it and learn to type without looking at the keys and playing hunt and peck. I found the interface easy to learn and it was easy for me to go in and set things up for the children. I quickly got them set up and into the assessment in the beginning so that we could see where we were at.  They progressed thru the part that accessed their abilities so that we would have a goal to work toward while building our skills.  We then learned  proper posture and finger placement, which I feel is very important when sitting to type. We learned the importance of getting up periodically and stretching, so that we did not become sedentary, also important when working on the computer.  I had read recently that prolonged sitting can lead to poor health, so this was a nice bonus as the program reminds you when to take a break from sitting.

We had some glitches in the online program which may have been caused by my own internet or the program itself. (voice of the online tutor repeating itself and the movies or quizzes also freezing up, where you click on the person for the quiz seemed to not have immediate recognition to allow one to get through the quiz quickly. ) After we got passed that part , it seemed to go more smoothly.  We worked on trying to progress thru the lessons and worked on building accuracy.  I will say that we did do well with this area.   The parent/teacher part of the program that allows you to see how each student is doing is a nice feature and it allowed me to know exactly where the children were at in their learning and also allowed me to set personal goals for each individually.

My 10 year old son had fun playing in the game zone which I feel is more geared toward younger children and perhaps fun for a child age 10 or under.  My teens were bored with this area , as it was not really aimed at older children.  My teens were also not thrilled with the slowness of the lessons and the lack of no real reward for finishing a lesson.  They also felt that the graphics and lessons could have been more geared toward children and teens. Being an artist at heart, I have to agree.  It was plain and somewhat mundane even for myself.  Even with how rusty my typing skills have become over the years, it seemed slow and not that interesting.  I feel we would have enjoyed the program much better had it been more interactive and colorful.  A reward system on it would make it more fun for the children and hold their attention longer.

For those who have not taken typing in the past as we had, I think it might work out better for you.  Learning the basics of typing is key to being able to work efficiently if you are homeschooling or working online as we do.  If you have children who need to learn these skills for the first time I think you would be able to utilize this program to benefit your family and find great success !

You can learn more about Bytes of Learning on Social on Facebook !

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