Email:   Email following of over 5,500 followers !

Facebook: Linda Marie Finn  Over 3600 friends & followers !

Facebook: Faithful Acres Books  1295 Likes ! 5 star review ! 1215 Followers !

Twitter: @FaithfulAcresBk   Over 1500 followers !

Instagram : faithfulacresbodysoulspirit  Over 2700 followers !

Pinterest: Linda Finn Over 1500 followers !

Pinterest: Faithful Acres Books Over 1700 followers !

Pinterest : Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit (New 115 Followers so far ! )

This is not a complete listing of my social platforms, I have several Biz & Other accounts that I use as well as those listed here. Please know that you will be receiving the best promotion of your products or books that I can offer.  I have spend over 4 years studying social media and marketing !



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