Having contracted Covid, not once but twice… On February 15th, 2020, I caught this dreaded virus as a granddaughter was sick and I tended her a few night and she sneezed in my face before leaving on her trip. 3 Days later I was sick and spent 2 weeks sick and in bed for the most part and after that it turned to pneumonia which took months to recover from everything. Well thought it would be the last I saw of Covid… but come November 2021, I had covid once again and this time it was much worse than that first time i had it. I tested positive Wednesday, November 24th, the 9th day of me being seriously ill and I am still recovering from this. I am out of quarantine, but recovering from the damage it does to your lungs is not easy. Yes my two youngest had covid in July 2021, but faired well at the time and were only sick for a week or so. This time they were sick for a week again losing taste and smell, this time my daughter being sick more so and my son did much better than us women folk. I am so thankful that they recovered and seem to have no ill effects from this. Though my Dr says I am doing well, she also said it requires month of recovery due to the damage done to your lungs. I am taking many supplements to aid in my recovery and eating healthy. I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks! It wasn’t a fun process. Sometime, I will write more about my experience having Covid. I covet your prayers, until I am fully recovered.

Thank You

Linda Marie